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Frequently Asked Questions

Need a Travel Direct Global Insurance quote?

The Single Trip Plan has no age restriction. However, the Annual Plan is subject to the following age restrictions: 
Travel Direct Global Insurance : Age 17-70 
Travel Direct China InsuranceAge : 17-70 
Travel Direct Overseas Student Insurance : Age 12-70

As long as the activities are not performed under competition or professional sports or to earn income, they are covered without limitation or restriction.

It is recommended you bring along the original policy during the journey and leave a copy with a family member or a friend in Macau.

Whenever the journey is unavoidably extended, the insurance will be automatically extended up to maximum 10 days and therefore you need not to buy another policy.

  • Travel Direct Global Insurance - Single Trip Plan covers trips lasting up to 182 days.
  • Travel Direct Global Insurance Annual Plan and Travel Direct China Insurance cover unlimited number of trips for up to 90 days per trip
  • Travel Direct Overseas Student Insurance has no duration limitations.

You can visit a qualified medical practitioner for medical consultation. Please remember to keep all doctor report(s)/ receipt(s) for claims purpose.