Businesses have a duty of care to their customers and the general public. In today’s increasingly litigious world, companies and other organisations are increasingly likely to find themselves held liable for accidents and events that cause injury to these third parties or damage to their property.

Employees' Compensation

In today’s increasingly litigious worlds, companies are more likely to find themselves held liable for accidents and events that cause injury to their employees.  Hidden costs associated with such incidents and events could be massive.  Safeguard your business and your employees with AIG’s employees’ compensation cover.

We provide employees’ compensation cover in accordance with the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance in Hong Kong, on both traditional and non-traditional basis, including Loss-Retro Programs, Captives and Deductible programs for specific accounts.

General Liability

Businesses in Macau and Hong Kong are threatened by numerous liability exposures. Whatever the nature of your operations, it’s vital protect your liabilities.

AIG provides general liability (premises/operation) cover for a wide range of operations including construction, hotel chains, utilities, airlines, engineering, stevedoring, transportation and hospitals, Our products include Standalone Contractor ALL Risk (CAR’s section II TPL), Excess Liability, as well as Umbrella Liability.

Products Liability

As one of the most experienced products liability insurers in town, we offer the most extensive and competitive cover for a wide range of products.

Product Recall and Contaminated Product

Recalls in Macau and Hong Kong are growing in regularity as authorities step up survelliance of product safety.  Under the Macau’s  Health Bureau, manufacturers, importers and retailers must ensure that their products are safe for consumers, report any safety concerns to the authorities and take action on any safety matters.
AIG helps businesses manage those risks through innovative insurance solutions.  Skillful handling of a recall not only minimizes any damage caused by a defective product, but also demonstrates reliability and professionalism to important wholesale and retail connections. 


  • Our customized policies provide essential protection against the direct and indirect costs of a product recall.
  • AIG also provides crisis management planning, assistance and loss prevention services through our network of pre-approved consultants.