Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers loss and/or damage during the movement of cargo in international or domestic trade. Goods can be moved by sea, air or land. Policies and coverage can be tailored to clients' needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of customized cargo insurance. Sendings can be by sea, air or land and coverage can be extended to war, strikes, riots and civil commotion (terrorism), theft, hijacking, shortage and non-delivery. Policies and coverage can be tailored to client needs.

Transportation Risk Management Services are provided to customers through a dedicated team of Loss Control Professionals strategically located all over the world to assure delivery of quality value added services. Our engineers and specialists conduct on-site surveys, identify potential hazards, develop loss prevention guidelines and help customers implement loss control and quality improvement program on a global basis.

eMarine is a unique internet-based solution that enables customers to exert complete control over their cargo insurnace needs. Customers can issue marine certificate and declare shipments through a secure online platform anytime anywhere. It increases operational efficiency by providing streamlined document processing functionality with greater accuracy and lower operational costs.

What makes cargo insurance unique is that most claims do not occur locally. That's why we are not just in the marine insurance business - we are one of the world's largest providers of marine claims services. The AIG companies provide global claim handling services in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions which enables us to respond quickly and effectively when a claim arises.