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Single and Special Risks

From property to marine, trade credit to product liability, management liability to crisis management protection, we offer the most complete spectrum of business insurance products and services.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers loss and/or damage during the movement of cargo in international or domestic trade. Goods can be moved by sea, air or land. Policies and coverage can be tailored to clients' needs.


Trade Credit

Protects companies against risks associated with trade exposure, including customer insolvency and protracted default Strengthens policyholder's credit and collection function by partnering with a large and experienced credit underwriter Enables policyholders to grow their sales with confidence to both new and existing customers by offering competitive terms of sale where appropriate Protects policyholder's balance sheet and cash flow from large or unforeseen bad debts


Insurance solutions for energy and energy-related businesses including oil and petrochemical, power generation and utilities, chemical, process industries, construction and mining.


Businesses have a duty of care to their customers and the general public. In today’s increasingly litigious world, companies and other organisations are increasingly likely to find themselves held liable for accidents and events that cause injury to these third parties or damage to their property.

Financial Lines

Actions against directors and professionals can seriously damage a company and irreparably damage an individual’s own career. Even unfounded allegations can be extremely stressful, expensive and time consuming to defend. AIG knows how reassuring our clients have found the support and expertise of AIG claims team and Financial Lines products including protection for companies, their directors, officers and employees against a wide range of financial liabilities.


Property insurance protects businesses against the financial consequences of damage to their buildings and other "tangible assets" from fire, flood, theft etc. It can also cover any financial losses that may prevent a company from operating properly and that may ultimately affect their profits.